标题: 公司公告/Company Notice [打印本页]

作者: hliu092    时间: 2022-9-15 10:49
标题: 公司公告/Company Notice
本公司版权范围内论文、论著,已经在版权声明中许可用于以学习为目的视频授课,并且向公众公开,不需要再跟本人确认,但是不允许转载、复制到其它形式的版权中。论文一旦在本公司科普论坛网站发表,预计需要7至60天左右的时间可以在Turnitin(国际版), iThenticate, CrossCheck 等常用的SCI期刊论文查重检测工具中全文收录、检索。收录过程取决于Google搜索引擎,本公司不做保证。投稿咨询请见"The Publishing House"页面。

Within the scope of our company's copyright, the articles have been licensed to be used for learning purpose in video classes that are open to the public in copyrights statement. No further confirmation is required, but transferring and copying into the other forms of copyright are Not allowed. Once journal article is published on our company website, it usually takes approximately 7 - 60 days for the full text to be included and searched by paper similarity testing tools commonly used for SCI journals such as Turnitin (International),  iThenticate, CrossCheck. This process is depended on the Google Search Engine, and our company cannot
guarantee it. Please see 'The Publishing House' page for contributions to the journal.

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