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标题: Registration Information
International Eco-Tech Investing Corporation is registered in May 2019 in British Virgin Islands, with Incorporation NO 2012972. Financial Legal Entity Identifier (LEI --- Issued by London Stock Exchange Group): 213800W2G4SO3U3AMU06; All types of the intellectual property which is provided by International Eco-Tech Investing Corporation is NOT licensed to any other entities or persons; 国际生态科技投资有限公司于2019年5月注册在英属维京群岛,注册证书号码 2012972;金融法律实体识别码 (LEI --- 伦敦证券交易所签发) 213800W2G4SO3U3AMU06。国际生态科技投资有限公司提供的所有形式知识产权不授权于任何其它实体或是个人使用。

Main Business: Planning to Operate Environmental Facilities/Products Business in FreeTrade Zones of Mainland China, The Registered Company Web-page in International E-Commerce
Viewed Here; Intangible Asset Investment (International Brand Promotion & LEI license); This company maintains banking & hedging accounts in Interactive Brokers and Proven Bank. Environment & Finance;主营业务:国际生态科技投资有限公司计划在中国大陆综合保税区(自由贸易区)经营环境设备、产品业务。国际电商平台注册公司网页请点击;无形资产投资(国际品牌推广& LEI 许可证);本公司在以下金融机构开立银行 & 对冲账户:Interactive Brokers and Proven Bank;环境与金融。

Please note: This HK website is used for the purpuses of company showing and copyrights protection only, without providing any commercial services in Hong Kong. The securities investment viewpoints in this website doesn't  constitute investment advice. This entity is NOT required to hold a fund license to provide fund management business with or for its related entity from within BVI, which is defined as excluded persons in the same group according to BVI Secutities and Investment Act (2010). This entity operates as international trade company in Free Trade Zones of Mainland China only, and does not conduct any fund investment business in Mainland China;声明:本香港域名网站仅仅作为公司宣传和香港书刊出版物版权保护用途,不在香港提供任何有偿商业经营业务。本网站中关于证券投资观点不构成投资建议。根据BVI证券监管法案,本公司可以豁免基金牌照从BVI领地范围内为其关联实体(BVI证券与投资法案(2010)中定义)提供基金管理业务。本公司仅仅在中国大陆综合保税区(自由贸易区)从事国际贸易,不在中国大陆从事任何基金投资业务。

JiangXi Province Chengzhu Environmental Engineering Company Ltd. is the demostic Onshore Related Company of International Eco-Tech Investing Corporation, and the first onshore entity provides all the intellectual property independently of or NOT related with the second offshore company;江西省诚筑环保工程有限公司是国际生态科技投资有限公司的国内关联公司,前者提供的所有形式知识产权与后者无任何关联。

Revised on 2023-06-02;修改于2023年6月2日。

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International Eco-Tech Investing Corporation holds the trading licenses to CFDs account (high leverages in UK regulated) and Securities account in Interactive Brokers (US regulated). The capital gain in the past one year is more than 43% in institutional account of Interactive Brokers (updated on 2023-06-02), which can be the verified or audited institution account. Next business plan is to apply for the Business Registration and Trademark in Hong Kong, aiming to become an Environmental Treasuring institute/Investment Entity operated in Hong Kong, China. The BVI regulation Act is as below:

The related entities in a group, defined by BVI Securities and Investment Act (2010), is the ‘subsidiary or parent undertaking which has a significant interest.’; And the ‘significant interest’ is defined as the capacity to ‘appoint or remove one or more directors of the undertaking.’; And the related entities can be financial institutes status. In this case, the Treasuring Center is NOT required to hold a fund license to provide fund management business for or with the related entities in a group.  

Please note:
This entity does not conduct any fund investment business in Mainland China. Treasuring institute in BVI Securities and Investment Act (2010) definition is broader than the Treasuring Center in a Group defined by CRS. The CRS definition consider this Treasuring Center as Active Entity without classification into Financial Institute status. However, the BVI definition is definitely the Financial Institute as Investment Entity.      

Revised on 2023-06-02;修改于2023年6月2日。

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