hliu092 发表于 2017-6-28 11:20:38

Profitable buying orders should be gained for A- 50 before the break time in the morning.

hliu092 发表于 2017-6-28 16:03:12

Hopefully, AUD/JPY achieves 1.7% ascending during US business hours today and then rebounds back from Thursday.

hliu092 发表于 2017-6-28 18:11:10

There are four central banks presenting speech concurrently during US business hours today, which may lead to shaking in market, being observed.

hliu092 发表于 2017-6-28 22:03:32

Profitable buying orders have been completed at the second peak, and the third selling is set up at 1.7% above the open price concurrently. Good luck!
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