hliu092 发表于 2016-8-26 07:59:02


This is the end of this week for both hedge currency pairs. However, Let's continue to observe GBP/USD: BoE sent an buying signal at 1.3202 at the beginning of UK business hours on Thursday. However, the trend goes down below this buying points before US business hours, so this buying trading signal is broken. After this, BoE re-sent buying signal at 1.3168 during US business hours, so it is expected that GBP/USD may rebound to this point at the beginning of UK business hours on Friday, directing metatraders to set up buying orders as what they have usually done in the past.

hliu092 发表于 2016-8-26 08:05:08

USD/JPY goes down at 00:00AM on Friday, showing the expectation from BoJ that it stays below the first price of this week after Tuesday, and let AUD bid for the long main target of 0.7770 passed on from last week.

hliu092 发表于 2016-8-26 08:10:37

At 23:50PM on Monday, USD/JPY also goes down without rebound to the first price, which already shows the expectation from BoJ on time! If BoJ directs market to go up, they must ascend USD/JPY above the first price on Tuesday, this is the transition signal for trading.
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