hliu092 发表于 2016-7-25 08:52:15


A nice weekend! Long main in last week already shows strong trend to achieves the control target in last week. At 00:30AM, they bid as short main to indicates the rebound-down trend after long main achieves the control target! Good Luck! I'd like to say this world is still predictable!

hliu092 发表于 2016-7-25 09:02:38

The difference between us (private foundations) and public foundations such as Morgan Stanley is that: no tax as personal incomings from capital gain; mainly trade using self-capitals; without advertisement to recruit public capitals; without management fees including high salaries of employees. Actually, the trading mode in forex is rather the same! ;P;P;P

hliu092 发表于 2016-7-25 16:27:09

Long main has re-structured. JPY was depreciated by more range than AUD appreciation in this morning. Now aud appreciation is more than jpy descending. This is reasonable change for long main target in last week.
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