hliu092 发表于 2016-3-20 10:36:05


The FoF in Bank of China with leverage from 1:1 to 1:5 (mininum of 20% cash deposite) is sensitive in the medium - term to the economic indicators released in economic calendars especially for the currency pairs of AUD/SGD and CAD/SGD. It is also noticed that AUD monetary policy report has fixed format which is easy to catch up the attitude (hawkish or dovish), so that the FoF decision in Bank of China follows the forecasting or actual economic calendars in the next week. In the past two month, SGD/USD, AUD/USD, CAD/USD appreciates steadily so the currency pairs of AUD/SGD and CAD/SGD become the targets to trade in the next week. In comparison to the AUD and CAD, it is expected that SGD starts to appreciate after temporal falling downside in the past, so SGD becomes the currency to calculate the bonus for firm bargain.
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