hliu092 发表于 2016-2-26 17:51:21

Correnction of Publishing Time

At 2:45 AM 26/02/2016, EUR the actual GDP (0.3) was higher slightly than the expected one (0.2), whereas the Consumer Mfgd Goods Consumption (-0.3) and PPI (-0.8) slightly were lower than the expected one (0.1) and (-0.5), respectively. It is expected that EUR responds to depreciate!

The exact time of publishing this news in at 8:00 AM 26/02/2016, rather than 2:45 AM 26/02/2016, that is why I successfully predict the depreciation at 8:11AM in this forum. It is important to keep updating the news on http://www.forex.com/uk/market-analysis/economic_calendar.html

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