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For Academic Papers Containing Software Copyrights/关于包含软著的学术论文

In the process of computer software development (including website design and computing), our company can mainly apply these kinds of computer software on development: AicGis, Vensim, Netlogo and C++. The main original content of R & D lies in the innovation of natural science theories and methods, without focusing on the innovation of computer software itself. Therefore, our company does not focus on IT industry. In this case, in our academic papers containing computer software application, we only need to use words and pictures to describe the software development process, without publishing the original computing code of software programs. Such software copyright (not allowed to open to the public) can still be reserved by the copyright owner for asset evaluation, intellectual property mortgage, equity shares increase and other purposes.
In addition, with regard to the re-use licensing of third-party intellectual property, for example, I use the licensing of intellectual property rights in international journals as the membership license of Auckland University Library, which only restricts the data sourcing from these international journals to any commercial use. In this case, if there are mathematical or physical models used in my article, I am allowed to use the structure of these models only and conduct the specific parameterizations according to the specific situation for commercial use, which are different from the original data in the international journals. However, even the structure of these physical or mathematical models are still not allowed for any commercial use, without purchasing such membership license.
According to the policies of government at each level for high-tech enterprises, compared with invention patents, software copyrights registration can not only have equal usage, but also have lower cost and faster registration process. Therefore, the potential commercial value of software copyrights registration is great. No matter whether or not the high tech enterprise needs bank loans eventually, the high-tech enterprises that comply with the government's subsidized credit policy must be given higher market value. According to the policies of our Provincial Department of Science and Technology, software or patent rights only need to have application value on the enterprise's own business, and there is no requirement to earn incomings by selling / renting software or patent products. This must be the encouraging policy for scientific and technological innovation enterprises and talents. In fact, among the high-tech enterprises I have known, some R & D centers are the independent legal entities in a group. The R & D center itself is non-profit, but other affiliated enterprises in the group can make profits. The inventor of software copyright registration certificate must be given obvious advantages for high-tech enterprises engaged in the investment and appreciation of intangible assets or for professionals applying for jobs.
计算机软件开发(含网站设计制作)过程中,本公司主要能够应用AicGIS, Vensim, Netlogo、C++ 计算机软件开发。其中主要原创内容在于对自然科学的理论、方法的创新,不侧重于计算机开发软件自身的创新。因此本公司并非侧重于IT专业。在此情况下,我们对于计算机软件应用的论文、论著中,仅仅需要使用文字、图片描述开发的过程,不需要公开发表计算机源代码程序。这样的软件著作权(不允许向公众公开)可以仍然为著作权人自己保留,用于资产评估、知识产权抵押贷款、股权增资等用途。
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