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Originality Statement/原创性声明

The scope of searching is the Wikipedia/百度百科 and top-cited articles in google scholar searching. Once my academic viewpoints/methods is significantly different from the other people’s in the searching scope, my academic knowledge is announced to be the original ones! Transferring and copying is NOT allowed! Thanks for reading.

Share a convenient way of scientific and technological novelty searching:
1. Describe the meaning of content that you think is innovative in parallel by different synonyms, and then translates it in six international languages. Synonym and translation can be looked up using online translators;
2. Using the paper testing tools such as Turnitin, it is to input the content described above for duplication checking;
3. Check whether there is any similarity to your content. If the meaning of your content is significantly different from the others' in the searching scope, it would be regarded as your own innovative knowledge. In this way, you can do the preliminary novelty search at cheapest cost. Otherwise expensive fees is charged if you go to do this at organizations like Information Institute of Science & Technology.


2.利用Turnitin、paper test等论文查重工具,把多种同义词平行描述的文字内容和六种语言描述的文字内容都输入进行查重;


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