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Company Introduction/公司简介

ChengZhu Environmental Engineering Company Ltd of Jiangxi Province was incorporated in April 2015 in Mainland China, with Registration NO.91360700343188092B; Professional Qualifications --- Environmental Protection Engineer; 江西省诚筑环保工程有限公司创办于2015年4月, 中国大陆。统一社会信用代码91360700343188092B;专业技术资格 --- 环境保护专业工程师;

Main Business: Engineering & Management Consultation for Construction Projects; Intangible Asset Investment & Development: The company holds the intellectual property of《Journal of Environment and Health Science 》(ISSN : 2413-1628), Science Articles, Brand Promotion; 主营业务:建设项目工程与管理咨询服务;无形资产投资 & 发展,公司持有《环境与卫生科学杂志》(ISSN : 2413-1628) 知识产权,科学文章,品牌推广。

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