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Business Promotion/商业推广: Treasuring Institute in BVI

International Eco-Tech Investing Corporation,with Financial Legal Entity Identifier (LEI --- Issued by London Stock Exchange Group): 213800W2G4SO3U3AMU06, holds the trading licenses to CFDs account (high leverages in UK regulated) and Securities account (US regulated) in Interactive Brokers. The registered institutional type: Proprietary Trading Group - Pool. Next business plan is to apply for the Business Registration and Trademark in Hong Kong, aiming to become an Environmental Treasuring Institute/Investment Entity operated in Hong Kong, China, which can be audited. The BVI regulation Act is as below:
The related entities in a group, defined by BVI Securities and Investment Act (2010), is the ‘subsidiary or parent undertaking which has a significant interest.’; And the ‘significant interest’ is defined as the capacity to ‘appoint or remove one or more directors of the undertaking.’; And the related entities can be financial institutes status. In this case, the Treasuring Center is NOT required to hold a fund license to provide fund management business for or with the related entities in a group.
Please note: This entity does not conduct any fund investment business in Mainland China.
Revised on 2023-10-16; 修改于2023年10月16日。
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