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Gene Mutation, Pathogenesis and Gene Modification/基因突变、致病性机理与基因修改

This is the article 9 in the theme 'Environmental Physiology/环境生理学' of Journal of Environment and Health Science.

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DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.23348.12166

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Article 9. Gene Mutation, Pathogenesis and Gene Modification/基因突变、致病性机理与基因修改
Author: Liu Huan (1983-), Master of Science (First Class Honours), The University of Auckland

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References: .基因突变。搜狗百科,共享百科全书/Sogou Baike, Creative Commons..细菌疫苗。搜狗百科,共享百科全书/Sogou Baike, Creative Commons.

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