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Metabolomics (3): The specificity of host-invasion interaction/新陈代谢组学之三

This is the article 8 in the theme 'Environmental Physiology/环境生理学' of Journal of Environment and Health Science.

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DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.33414.45129

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Article 8. Metabolomics and Application on The Specificity of Host-Invasion Interaction/新陈代谢组学在宿主细胞与生物入侵关系的专一性机制中的应用研究
Author: Liu Huan (1983-), Master of Science (First Class Honours), The University of Auckland
IntroductionThere is the original experiment method designed to examine and diagnose the immunology of host cells against microbial pathogens (including virus and bacteria), based on the metabolomics test designed in my previous article. The relevant discussion is presented correspondingly. In addition to the genetics of host body, the ‘memory’ of host cells, which allows host cells to fastly and accurately identify the bio-signals of specifically invasive pathogens so that the immunological reaction of host cells functions punctually, also plays a significant role in immunology. However, this ‘memory’ of host cells can be inherent, which is passed on from parental generation, or acquired skills which are cultivated through the past ‘battle’ against disease.

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References:[1]. 周延清, 张改娜与杨清香, 生物遗传标记与应用, 2008, 化学工业出版社.[2]. 余 敏 新生儿换血疗法的治疗及护理 2011 年第 9 卷第 9 期 《中华现代临床医学杂志》. Liu Huan (2021), Article 7: Metabolomics (1) --- The Systematic Chemistry Fingerprints Between Genotype and Phenotype and its Application on the Conservation Genetics. Serial in Feb, 2021. Journal of Environment and Health Science.

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