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Yield Components of Biomass/生物量的组成结构

This is the article 6 in the theme 'Environmental Physiology/环境生理学' of Journal of Environment and Health Science.

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Article 6: Discussion of Yield Components of Biomass/生物量的组成结构

Author: Liu Huan, MSc (First Class Honours), The University of Auckland

According to the results sourcing from the ‘Crop Science’ course instructed by Lincoln University NZ in 2007, yield components were also significantly affected by genotypes. The highest values  of pods/plant, seeds/pod, and mean seed weight were achieved from genotype Aragorn, genotype PRO, and genotype Midichi, respectively. However, the total seed yield was not affected by pea genotypes. This result indicated the interdependent compensation mechanism among yield components. Wilson (1987) and Taweekul (1999) also suggested that large variation in one yield component might not lead to changes in total seed yield, due to the ‘plasticity’ of yield components. In addition, the limitation of small sample units in this experiment made it difficult to exactly extrapolate the variation among yield components.

Advisers: Hill, G. D. & Mckenzie, B. A.  Lincoln University, New Zealand. 2007.
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Agronomy Society of New Zealand 6, 23–28.
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